Riverview Junior High School

  751 Tripp Lane, Murray, UT  84123    (801)264-7446

PCCR Conference Agenda
  • Financial Aid
  • Borrow Wisely 
  • Utah Futures
  • Introduce CTE pathways
  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • Academic standing-test scores and grades
  • 4 year plan
  • Post high school plan

Hmmm, what do I want to do when I finish school?

A career? "not sure I'm ready for that yet"

Military? "Maybe"

Technical/Trade school or Apprenticeship: 1-2 year certificate? "Could work"

Associates degree:2 years? "Possibly"

Bachelor's degree: 4 years? "Not sure yet"

Master's degree: Graduate school More than 4 years? "I might want to"

Doctorate/PhD Degree: More than 4 years? "That might be cool"

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