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Welcome to the Riverview Junior High School Library!

"'What is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?'"  

- Lewis Carroll

December 2016 Early Bird Readers Book Club

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October 2016 Early Bird Readers Book Club

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Please join us four times each year, the second Friday of October, December, February, and April, in the RJH Library for our Early Bird Readers Book Club.  Doors open at 7:10 a.m. for members of the book club only.  Book Club ends at 7:55 a.m.

To join our book club, please come in to the library and sign up, read one or more books from thirteen different selections each month, then show up on Friday and enjoy a morning of chatting, eating breakfast, and winning prizes. 

The books chosen for the book club are five-star, highly recommended, the latest, greatest reviewed books. Don’t miss out.  Come join our students and be a part of this reading experience.



In January, February, March and April, the RJH Library sponsors a writing contest.  Come in and pick up a flyer at the beginning of each of these months and start writing.  January is creative writing, February is process writing, March is persuasive writing, and April is poetry writing.  Each winner receives a writing basket of goodies, their writing pieces enlarged to poster size, and their picture taken and displayed in the library hall for a year. 


Come in and check out our New Releases at the RJH Library.  We offer the latest selections of popular titles, a selection of e-books available online, play-a-ways for the audio reader, and a large selection of graphic novels.  You can see all of our selections including our Top Ten at http://destiny.murrayschools.org

Your attention please. . .

Your attention please. . .


Welcome to the Early Bird Readers Book Club, the largest club at RJH. We are thrilled to offer so many book choices, between twelve and fifteen titles, for students, faculty, and community. Each book is read and reviewed for a quality read before becoming part of our selection. See our web site each quarter for the updated titles. 

Our book club is held four times a year, October, December, February, and April, before school in the morning.  Thank you participating in our program and we look forward to seeing you at all our book clubs this year.

Ask me all about it in the library.

Mrs. Dale