Riverview Junior High School

  751 Tripp Lane, Murray, UT  84123    (801)264-7446

Counseling Office

Call or e-mail your counselor any time, we are here to help 

You are not alone! Even though you may feel different from those around you, you will never be alone. If you feel like you are alone please come visit us in the counseling center, we are always here for you.

Incoming 7th Grade Orientation will be on March 1st from 5:45-6:45 pm. Come tour the school, learn more about Jr High and meet your counselors and Administrators.

Counseling services are available for every student in the school. These services include assistance with education planning, interpretation of test scores, career information, study assistance, help with home, social and emotional support, school and/or special concerns, or any question students may feel they would like to discuss with their counselor. Every student will have a PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) Conference with a counselor each year. Students or parents wishing to visit a counselor, you may meet with your student's counselor at any time, please contact the counseling secretary to arrange an appointment. 


Counselor Email Link


 Phone Extension
 Counselor, Last Names A-L
  Ext. 5572
 Counselor, Last Names M-Z
  Ext. 5573
Amber Boyd
 Counseling Secretary/Registrar
  Ext. 5570
 Counseling Secretary
  Ext. 5571
 Social Worker
  Ext. 5564
 Counseling Office Fax Number
  801 264-7478 



To schedule an SEOP conference with your student's counselor, click on the Online Scheduler icon, select "Riverview Junior High" from the Junior High Schools drop-down menu, and click "Go".

Check out the new UtahFutures for fun activities that will help you discover careers, colleges, options to pay for college and more. 


 Be there! There is no substitute for being in class. Your youngster needs to be present to hear teachers explain concepts, to participate in group projects and class discussions, and to ask questions.

Hint for Homework:

Help your middle grader see homework as a chance to prove his/her independence by getting the work done on time and doing it by him/herself. Boost his/her confidence by telling him/her "Homework gives you a chance to show all that you know." And give him/her a thumbs-up when he/she does just that.

Mental Health Matters

Nationally, half of all life time cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and 3/4 by age 24. Mental Illness effects a lot of students in different forms, either personal or someone they know. Click on this link to access NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) Utah School Newsletter, to learn more about mental illness, how to recognize it, and ways to help those with a mental illness. 



Most communication from Riverview Junior High School will be done electronically through emails, text messaging or the schools web page.  If you have not received emails this year, please contact the school to add an email address or to make sure your address has been entered correctly.